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Enter Closer & Crowded present

Jeeves Verma Get Rickshaw Die Trying

Enter Closer & Crowded present

Jeeves Verma Get Rickshaw Die Trying

Jeeves is going to be a dad. The only thing that stands in the way of his goal of being the best dad in the world is that he already dislikes his unborn, next-gen kids. He explores stories from his past to reveal how his very own ethnic upbringing has affected him as a human being, and future-dad, so far.

Jeeves Verma, a comedian local to the Sydney City region for the last 8-10 years, has a background in writing and performing sketch comedy and stand-up from his uni days, when he was wasting his time studying medicine. He spent his childhood in libraries, secretly reading textbooks on anatomy. His father, forced him into university revues and made him write 5 minute sets all weekend long for the Comedy Society. While the other good Indian boys were all having fun studying physiology in their rooms, Jeeves was practicing punchlines in front of surly white people in a bar somewhere. Jeeves, now having given up on the medical dream, tells stories about his life to whomever will listen in his epic quest for '…the best medicine'.

Jeeves has performed stand-up in a number of festival shows for the last five years. He writes a brand-new show every year and over the course of each year, performs three different shows – one for each of the Sydney and Melbourne Comedy Festival seasons. For his Sydney Comedy Festival show (immediately after this festival), Jeeves will be performing his new show Dowry of A Wimpy Kid.

Other places you can find Jeeves:
-  On his YouTube channel, releasing sketches for his online series, Comedy Gift Shop.
-  Performing as a member of his improv group, Children’s Television Workshop (debuting this year at the Sydney Comedy Festival)
-  As a cameo in various ABC and SBS projects
-  In various parks and wedding venues performing to thousands as a civil marriage celebrant or trivia host (but rarely both, simultaneously).

'It’s easy to see why Jeeves Verma has been steadily growing in popularity – he is absolutely lovely... storytelling genius.' The Plus Ones

Please note, the following performances will be filmed: Fri 5 Apr, Sat 6 Apr & Sun 7 Apr.

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