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Ben Searle & Raewyn Pickering Lovely!

Ben Searle & Raewyn Pickering Lovely!

Ben and Raewyn are Lovely! Just real gems! They are also two exciting comedians that have been praised with delivering (often downright bizarre) stories from their lives in an extremely relatable, engaging way. They expertly weave quick wit into hilarious observations on sexism, what’s cool, serial killers and treating children like greyhounds. You’ll not only be entertained, but you’ll have a warm feeling inside while you scream 'Now that was Lovely!'

Raewyn Pickering has been quick to make a name for herself in some of the best comedy rooms in Melbourne and around Australia. After her debut Comedy Festival show in 2018, Raewyn is back to talk about working with kids, her fascination with true crime and how to keep things interesting in a long term relationship (we promise those last two aren’t related). She has been lauded for her 'hilarious anecdotes... unpretentious, understated style' (The Plus Ones) and as 'definitely one to keep an eye on' (The Funny Tonne).

Performing for just under four years, Ben Searle has risen through the comedy ranks to perform at such highly regarded venues as Crab Lab and Spleen, as well as hosting numerous shows around Melbourne. While he's not afraid to poke fun at himself and 'what's cool', his relaxed, engaging style quickly makes you feel like you're just catching up with a fun friend at the pub. This will be his third Comedy Festival appearance after two successful years with sell-out shows.


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