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Matt Byrne Media

Matt Byrne's Married At First Fight

Matt Byrne Media

Matt Byrne's Married At First Fight

Matt Byrne is ready to step into the Melbourne Comedy Festival ring with his 2019 Adelaide Fringe hit comedy Married At First Fight!

The show which will take the mickey out of TV reality shows and the world’s oldest institution, will take marriage right up the aisle.

The show kicks off the week before the Comedy Festival starts at the Lithuanian Club on March 20 and runs March 20-23 and 26-30 at 8 p.m. You can buy tickets for the earlier shows at

Producer/director Matt Byrne celebrates 22 years of presenting fringe comedies with a riotous look at the prospect of marrying at first sight and getting hitched in general.

'Marriage is supposed to be about lifelong commitment but how can you achieve that by marrying the first time you meet?' Matt said.

'Australia’s top-rating reality TV show is a carcrash program about people who marry at first sight, with lots of hope and trepidation, but it never ends well.

'Marriage should be the foundation of society but half of our marriages end up in divorce. We look at the concept of marrying a stranger and tying the knot with the whole nation watching.

'Ultimately marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?'

Married At First Fight will feature Rose Vallen as world-weary Val Salmon who has been married seven times, 'well that’s all the dwarves covered'; Brad Butvila as professional fiancé Barry Bigtime who has been engaged 15 times 'just the one ring'; Amber Platten as the gorgeous Kylie Cleavage who wants someone to 'love her for her mind'; and Matt as boring Ron Turn who lost his wife of 35 years 'she went out for milk and never came back, ironically we still had milk in the fridge!'

'You'll meet the bridesmaids, the parents, the celebrant, four wisecracking and inebriated Irish priests, the cast of Studio Tense and many more.

'Our versatile cast play up to 10 characters each as our four contestants face unholy matrimony with the world watching on!'

Married At First Fight will be Matt Byrne’s fourth Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, from BouncersShakersBarrackers and WAGS.

'I love bringing my fringe shows to Melbourne', Matt said. 'We’ve had a lot of fun here over the years and with Married At First Sight still winning the ratings, it’s obvious people love seeing people suffer in instant disillusionment of marriage.'

'We sing and dance and give the audience an interactive evening where one surprise couple get hitched. We hope we get a great reception!'

Matt Byrne said the cast were experienced comedy performers with a musical background.

'Rose has worked with me for years and still tolerates me, while Brad and Amber are terrific rising stars who ironically will be getting married in 2020.'

'If doing this show doesn't put them off marriage then nothing will!'

Matt Byrne has written 16 comedies which have become a big attraction at Adelaide Fringe.

'I've been doing fringe shows since 1998 and every now and then I venture across the border when I reckon I've got one that Melburnians will lap up.

'The Lithuanian Club is a great venue and we're looking forward to presenting the show in the bigger smoke. Bring your mates and come and have a laugh and use the evening as therapy.'

It's also great value as we will be one of the only two-hour comedy shows in the Festival.

'We even have an interval so you can grab a drink at the bar – remember the more you drink the funnier we are!'


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