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Medicated Panic Dream Girls Mindful-mess

Medicated Panic Dream Girls Mindful-mess

They say laughter is the best medicine, but have you tried adult colouring books yet?

Medicated Panic Dream Girls invite you to rethink your overthinking, caress your regrets and reawaken your mistakes with the foolproof coping mechanism of comedy. 

Mindful-mess takes a nose dive into the psyche with the same fervour as a freefall into a WebMD hole.

If you’re a fan of introspection, rumination and replaying difficult conversations over and over in your mind until the sunrise, you’ve probably already got a Comedy Festival show. But just in case you haven’t, come and see this one!

Mindful-mess is an hilarious and heartfelt exploration of the human brain. Blending sketch, short stories and songs, this show will make you giggle and gush over the weird and wonderful parts of what it means to be human.

Laura and Eloise will be collaborating as producers for the first time this Melbourne International Comedy Festival, but what they lack in time together, they make up for in intense individual experiences. Both have written, performed and produced shows on the Melbourne festival circuit (such as Bits of Us, Improvised Harry Potter and Accomplished-ish to name a few) and each have many years experience in comedy, performance and hiding in bed on a bad day.

'Wildly funny, but full of heart... Buskes is nothing but authentic.' Beat Magazine

'Laura's talent in both comedic and vocal performance was incredible!' Tongue TV

'She showed up to her last session on roller skates and claimed she'd found "The Secret'" Eloise's Therapist.

Starring Laura Buskes, Eloise Willis-Hardy, Emily Joy, Taylor Griffiths, and Aisling McGrogan.


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