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Crowded presents

Jacqueline Mifsud Perfect

Crowded presents

Jacqueline Mifsud Perfect

WINNER Best of the Fest 2019, Fringe at the Edge of the World Festival

Jacqueline Mifsud is a charming little parsnip with a butternut pumpkin-sized heart and strong meaty hind legs. She’s the delicious roast dinner you’ve always wanted to watch perform comedy. She’s certifiably perfect and has love letters from her exes to prove it.

Does Jacqueline only do stand-up comedy? Heavens no! She’s an actor, writer and a TV and radio host with soft ear lobes and a stunning belly button. She co-hosted ‘The Wildcards’ for Tennis Australia throughout the 2018 Australian Open and she’s the ‘Jacq’ part of Tuesday Drive’s ‘Jacq and Dene’ on JOY 94.9. Jacqueline also stars in a nationwide commercial for Belong Mobile,  no biggy!

This is Jacqueline’s fifth solo show that she’s birthed – where the Dickens have you been? She’s got a habit of selling out her shows so you better get in quick!

You’ll be kicking your tits if you miss this!

'Her incredibly quick wit, clever use of physicality, and unique way of looking at the world bring a fresh (if sometimes twisted) take on the daily struggles of life.' FringeFeed

'Her performance has the style and physicality of a seasoned comic. Her every move seems precise yet spontaneous, planned to induce the biggest laugh possible.' Pop Culture-y

'Sparkling imagery and shrewd one-liners.' Chortle (UK)

'Serious home truths for the intelligent, independent woman... Jacqueline is charming and funny, and not just haha funny. We literally had tears running down our cheeks from laughter.' We Know Melbourne

'Jacqueline’s quick-fire, rapidly-delivered wit comes at you like a freight train. A show that, like the movie Speed cannot slow down is a difficult thing to pull of, but Mifsud’s knack for observation and machine-gun like delivery knocks it out of the park... One of those true “see it before she blows up” types. Get in now, so you can say you were there when.'  Pedestrian.TV


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