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Enter Closer & Crowded present

Nicola Macri The Hilarious Duff Film Parody Festival

Enter Closer & Crowded present

Nicola Macri The Hilarious Duff Film Parody Festival

Three of your favourite cinematic works from the esteemed Hilary Duff oeuvre brought to life by one woman in an unauthorised and unofficial good time.

Riotous (consensual) audience interaction, The Great Roast of Paolo, mysterious masquerades and drill team choreography!

Join Nicola Macri as she puts her film degree to good use in satirical celebration of these beloved movies, through a 2019 feminist and queer lens. How does Perth's premier asexual comedian relate to such a classic hetero text as A Cinderella Story? Just how much lesbianism can we read into Cadet Kelly? Is Gordo a #NiceGuy and is Paolo a f*%kboi?

Not The Lizzie McGuire Movie 26-29 Mar & 7 Apr 
An Cinderella Story 30 Mar-2 Apr & 6 Apr
Cadet Who? 3-5 Apr 

'Do adults actually care about Hilary Duff movies?' My Perth venue manager, trying to veto this objectively bad idea

'Haven't you seen the memes?' Me, in response, using the persuasion skills I gained from 2.5 years of law school

'This is the greatest idea for a show ever.'
A stranger on a Facebook meme page

A beacon of hope on the comedy scene.'

Nicola Macri is an emerging voice on the comedy scene, debuting to delighted audiences at Perth's FRINGE WORLD 2018. Her brand of comedy is cerebral and warm-hearted with not a sex joke in sight, and she's always got a few unexpected tricks up her sleeve.

'Macri is local, fun, and as unique as they come.' FringeFeed

'Macri’s strong sense of comic timing punctuates her observations with zing, delivered with an ironic hair flick and wry smile... Amazing natural eyebrows.' Australian Stage

'Unapologetic discourse combined with her unashamed odd skillset.' FringeFeed


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