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Enter Closer & Crowded present

Mark Gambino The Return of Grazie Fibonacci

Enter Closer & Crowded present

Mark Gambino The Return of Grazie Fibonacci

Grazie Fibonacci is having a weird day. Somehow it all feels familiar. Hasn’t he done all this before? What the hell is going on and what are these other people doing here?

French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre said that 'Hell is other people'; so maybe Grazie is in Hell?

That’s weird. He doesn’t remember dying. He doesn’t remember living a life of sin, either. So, why are all these people having so much fun? Isn’t Hell supposed to be a terrible punishment for thieves, adulterers and murderers – where demons tear you limb from limb and devour your soul for all eternity? Why is everyone laughing and dancing? What fresh madness is this?

As Grazie spirals headlong into the depths of his past – like a marionette puppet thrown into a washing machine – you may find your own life unravelling, like a subtle shifting of the reality that you’ve held onto for so long. It’s you, of course, but the trick is, there really is no you.

Don’t worry, though, my friend. It’s okay. Everything will be okay. Everything… will be… A-okay.

The Return of Grazie Fibonacci is an interrogation of modern life that offers a brave departure from traditional sketch and a rocket-ride into madness and beyond. Hold on tight as we poke the bear of reality and hold a tazer to the tongue of being.

Written and performed by 17-year improv comedy veteran (The Big HOO-HAA! Melbourne, Impro Melbourne), Mark Gambino.

Directed by Golden Gibbo Nominee, Elly Squire AKA Clara Cupcakes (The Worst, WHOM).

If you love Portlandia, Little Britain, W/ Bob & Dave, The Mighty Boosh or Key & Peele, you’ll love The Return of Grazie Fibonacci!


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