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Lizzy Hoo Hoo Am I? (What's My Name?)

Lizzy Hoo Hoo Am I? (What's My Name?)

Made from local and imported ingredients, Lizzy Hoo’s debut show delves into life growing up in suburban Brisbane where she loved weekend footy and meat pies but looked like Cassandra off Wayne’s World, Lucy Liu or, quite simply, the Asian Chick.

As a teen, this annoyed Lizzy but in her 20s she started to embrace her 'Asianess' because it’s really cool to be part something nowadays. Who wants to be 100% white anymore?  

Lizzy once had a whole street in Thailand believe she was a famous Hollywood actress so she could get free pad Thais and tuk tuk rides. She’s a little tired of being called a bad driver and kinda doesn’t want to hear about how many Asian women you’ve dated.

Lizzy is fast making a name for herself on the Australian comedy circuit with large thanks to the antics of her hilarious dad, Chan.

When asked about Chan, Lizzy says:

'Chan is the best. When people catch up with me they’ll ask how I am, and then they’ll ask “How’s Chan?” – even if they’ve never met him. Then I’ll relay the latest Chan story. Not anymore! You have to come to this show if you want to hear the latest Chan story. No more free Chan stories. That’s it. I’m done with dishing out Chan stories for free. He’s my dad to take advantage of. Get your own Chan. Or come to the show. He might make a cameo. I highly doubt it, but let’s see if I can get him to perform for free.'

Lizzy made the NSW RAW Comedy State Final in 2017 and a year later was invited to perform at the Just For Laughs Festival 2018 at the Sydney Opera House.

She doesn’t have any official reviews, however, her dad Chan has reviewed his daughter… twice, on Facebook. Let’s just say he’s proud. A little too proud. Calm down Chan.

Chan gave Lizzy five stars because 'No.1 is she my daughter and no. 2 she is the best'.

This looks like he's asking questions but the above needs to be said in Chan's Malaysian accent. Place a couple of commas after is and you'll get it. 

Considering she was booed off stage by her 12-year-old niece at the Hoo Family Christmas Talent Show this review is rather overstated.  


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