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Enter Closer & Crowded present

Alanta Colley & Ben McKenzie You Chose Poorly

Enter Closer & Crowded present

Alanta Colley & Ben McKenzie You Chose Poorly

We each make an infinite number of choices every day – in relationships, in finance, in Buzzfeed quizzes. But how do we make them – and why are some of them so terrible? Science comedians Alanta and Ben invite you to dive into your own psyche, paddle about in your subconscious and sun yourself on the deck chair of your hopes and fears as they explore the psychology behind the bad decisions we all make. Coming to the show hopefully not being one of them. 

Alanta Colley is a science communicator and comedian. Her debut solo show Parasites Lost sold out the entire run at Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2017, was performed for the Gates Foundation in Seattle and just had an acclaimed run at the Sydney Science Festival in August 2018. She did her follow up show Days of our Hives at Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2018, and had more bee keepers attending than any other show at the Festival. Alanta runs ‘Sci Fight Science Comedy Debate’ year round at the Spotted Mallard where scientists and comedians come together and argue while trying to figure out what is going on. 

Ben McKenzie is a performer, writer, game designer and nerd for all seasons. He’s written and performed stand-up, sketch comedy, theatre and late-night museum tours. He’s part of the team behind the award-winning time travel comedy Night Terrace and currently co-hosts the Terry Pratchett book club podcast 'Pratchat'. His games include the hit live bank heist adventure Small Time Criminals, and (as lead writer) Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown, a PlayStation VR game from Tin Man Games releasing in early 2019. His favourite dinosaur is Stegosaurus. Follow him on Twitter at @McKenzie_Ben.



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