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Josh Szeps in #youtoo

Josh Szeps in #youtoo

Why social media is ruining everything.

Recommended as one of the top five things to do in New York by The New York Times

‘Razor sharp.’ Peter Helliar

‘Brilliant and provocative.’ Wil Anderson


Does Facebook leave you empty? Do you check your phone more than you’d like?

That’s not an accident. Silicon Valley whiz kids are paid millions to keep you tethered to your feed, using the same psychological tricks as pokie machines.

Josh Szeps knows the ruse. He’s been working at the coalface of the world’s biggest online media companies in New York.

Now he returns home, with an uproarious assault on social media, politics and bullshit. An unpredictable show, unlike anything you’ll see this year.

Have politicians lost the plot? Has political correctness gone too far? Is the world askew? Josh says yes, and it isn’t the fault of your enemies. It’s social media. It’s all of us. It’s maybe, even, #youtoo.

Josh co-founded America’s multi-award-winning streaming talk network, HuffPost Live. He has hosted over a thousand hours of live TV, racking up three billion video views.

His podcast, ‘#WeThePeople LIVE’, hits the #1 spot on the iTunes comedy chart.

He can be heard on ABC Radio and seen on The Project, The Drum and Q&A.


‘Like a young David Frost.’ Russell Brand
One of the funniest men in Australia.’ Mike Carlton
‘Handsome, smart and funny. In that order.’ Ed Kavalee
‘Josh is to political satire what Bali Belly is to a honeymoon. The good shit.’ Osher Günsberg
‘A card-carrying genius of Australian comedy.’ Peter Fitzsimons


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