Melbourne International Comedy Festival acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands upon which we work and live. We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' spirit, imagination and rich history of storytelling and humour that is an inspiration to all Australians.

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Need some Festival Recommendations?

Navigating the program guide can be hard! We feel you. So we've asked some Festival favourites, local legends and some personalities from around Melbourne to give us their tips on who to see this Festival. 

Tom Gleeson Recommends:

Alex Ward - Brisbane act whose been working really hard on her act the last few years around the Melbourne clubs. I saw her do a bit on espresso martinis that was more delicious than the martini itself.

Bec Charlwood - She supported me at the Comic’s Lounge last year. She’s funny with a confidence well beyond her years. This is her debut show. Get in before word gets out.

Becky Lucas - Whenever I feel like my act is edgy I go and see Becky to remind me that it’s not. Even after all I’ve seen, she still makes me gasp.

Cal Wilson - The most intelligent comedian I know. Always hilarious but go along to enjoy the smarts humming away beneath the laughs.

Flo & Joan - I’ve only seen this UK musical duo on TV but they were great. I found myself returning to their YouTube clip of their Allstar spot several times. Highly addictive. 

Judith Lucy - Bow down to her brilliance. Every time I’ve seen her live, she is mining nothing but deep, deep laughs. One of very few acts I’m still star-struck by.

The Kagools - Sketch duo from the UK. I saw them close a late show in Perth after every comedian had ripped the joint up and they were still the best on ground. 

Nina Oyama - You may know her from Utopia but don’t be fooled. Beneath that sunny persona is a wicked sense of humour. 

Steph Tisdell - I hosted her first ever Gala that she did last year and she knocked it out of the park. Charisma to spare.

Urzila Carlson - she sells so many tickets it makes me angry. I don’t know why I’m recommending her, she doesn’t need my help but she’s very funny, so I can’t help myself.

Sarah Keyworth Recommends:

Ed NightEd Night is a very nice boy and he's very good at comedy. 

Liza Treyger  - Liza Treyger is definitely one to watch if you want hilarious filth. She's effortless and you'll want to be her friend. 

Aaron ChenDo I really have to explain? He's brilliant and weird and surreal and so wonderful to watch over an hour. 

Alice FraserAlice Fraser is the most wonderful joke writer. Her shows fly by. You won't regret seeing her. 

Flo and Joan  - I adore watching Flo and Joan. In fact, sometimes when I'm sad I just watch their videos on Youtube. 

Damien PowerDamien manages to be very silly and also incredibly profound. It's brilliant. He was also doing the show before me last year and got rapturous applause every night.

Ivo Graham  - A wonderful, accomplished stand up who I honestly think could make anything funny. 

Jessica Fostekew  - I can't wait to see Jess' show AGAIN in Melbourne. Everyone I know has seen it more than once. 

New Order  - New Order is a great show to catch a mix of amazing comedians you might not have heard of before! 

Demi Lardner and Tom Walker  - These guys stole the show at the Edinburgh Fringe festival last year. It was all anyone could talk about and for very good reason. 

Alex Ward Recommends:

Emma Holland - Love watching Emma perform around Melbourne. Dry and witty; sometimes accompanied with fun pictures.

Lou Sanders - UK comedian I saw in Edinburgh. Silly, fun and funny. I’m full of admiration for her. 

Luka Muller - Great concept which lets the audience steer the show. Luka is the funniest he’s ever been. Also he’s my best friend so just go see how cool and nice he is.

Sonia Di Iorio - Best show title with great stand-up to back it up. 

Aaron Chen - Best poster and funniest guy. Barely needs a shout out as you all know him but I’m a big fan.

Becky Lucas - Becky is the person putting out my favourite stand-up in Australia. Proper good jokes.

Andrew Wolfe - Mayhem. Hilarious. The energy of a man who has missed every flight he’s ever booked. 

Lauren Bonner - Lauren is the best and she is confident enough to say that she would agree with that. She makes me laugh on twitter every day. I can’t wait to see her show.

Cameron Duggan - Fellow QLDer. Duggan used to give me lifts home after we gigged in the front bars of Brisbane pubs. A man who could distract any bar fly from watching the races and get them to have a laugh.

Zack Dyer  - Another QLD’er doing cool things with his jokes and his hair. He has a genuine warmth on stage. He also has a six-pack if you’re into that kind of thing.

Chrissie, Sam and Browny Reccomend:

Urzila CarlsonToken African

Joel CreaseyMessy Bitch

Kitty Flanagan & Glenn Robbins In Conversation about 488 Rules for Life

Tom Gleeson Lighten Up

Arj BarkerComes Clean

The Travelling Sisters Recommend:

Two Bored Beryls - It's a children's beauty pageant where the audience are the contestants - extreme mad fun.

Physical & Political - A dark, satirical and extremely physical comedy, unlike anything else at the Fest.

Clare Bartholomew and Daniel Tobias -  We love these two performers and are so excited to meet their new characters - superb character comedians! 

Open for Business - They are the best and weirdest sketch group out there - they make us howl with laughter

Fat Musicals: A Body of WorkTwo incredibly talented performers with insane voices, and who doesn't love a musical...

Rosie Jones We met Rosie in Edinburgh a few years ago - one of our fave stand ups EVER.

Ange LavoipierreAnge's show charts her journey from 12 year old born again Christian to fully fledged heathen.. she is super sharp.

Two Little Dickheads For an explosion of complete silliness, sketch and musical madness.

Lily Fish - Lily has created a full blown red nose physical clown show, an abundance of play and joy.

Julia Masli & The Duncan Brothers - It's a show about legs! These performers are off the wall.

Weekend Today and Wide World of Sport Host Rebecca Maddern Recommends:

Dave Hughes - Ridiculous

A-List Comedy Sampler hosted by Mick Molloy

Tommy Little - I'll See Myself Out

Arj Barker - Comes Cleans

Joanne McNally - Appearing in New Order


Larry Dean Recommends:

Troy HawkeOne of my fav shows I've seen, as ridiculous as he is funny.

Alice FraserSilly, smart, and a total star.

John HastingsLooks like a school bully you feel sorry for...very funny though.

Sam TauntonLooks like a bullying victim you don’t feel sorry for....very funny though.

Anne Edmonds  - So bloody good...why the f@#k is she only doing 2 shows?!

Ed NightToo many great jokes, jealous. 

Becky LucasOne of Australia’s best comics, total babe too.

The KagoolsPhysical comedy geniuses.

Ari Eldjarn An Icelandic Robin Williams.

Eleanor TiernanYet to see her and not cry laughing.

 Melbourne Fringe Creative Director & CEO Simon Abrahams Recommends:

Amrita Dhaliwal & Gemma Soldati - This show was named Best Comedy at last year's Melbourne Fringe Festival and the judges' commendations were unanimous. This is a game changing show, they all reassured me. I can't wait to see it.  Must see.  Shut up and book a ticket. Now. 

F*ck Fabulous - Yana Alana is the best in the biz at what she does. Ironic and iconic cabaret superstar. We hosted the development of this show last year at Trades Hall and I'm desperate to see the full show. It got major buzz at Mardis Gras, and now it's finally Melbourne's turn.

Mormon Girl - This was a sleeper hit of Melbourne Fringe Festival - a comedic, theatrical storytelling show - I'm excited to get to the Malthouse to finally catch Jess in this show. Fact: During her Melbourne Fringe run last year, a cast member from another show ate her set. 

Polygamy, Polygayou: A New Musical! - After being nominated for Best Cabaret at Melbourne Fringe Festival last year, I'm desperate to finally catch this trio - there was a lot of "next big things" being bandeyed about... Can't wait to see for myself.

The Travelling Sisters - The Travelling Sisters are always such a joy. We love them at Melbourne Fringe, and we know Comedy Festival audiences do too. You absoltuely can't go wrong. Rock solid.