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The Funny Tonne

Funny Tonne

Since 2005, the Funny Tonne has dared three die-hard fanatics of funny to go head-to-head in a race to see the most Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows and win the Funny Tonne title!

The current Funny Tonne record holder is Sarah Trevarthen, who smashed it in 2015 with 178 shows! In 2016 Jeremy MacPherson won the Funny Tonne with 158 shows. Will 2017's competitors achieve a new record?!

With a special Comedy Passport in hand, successful applicants will defy all sensible logic in this 'Amazing Race' of Australian comedy, creating sleepless schedules of back-to-back shows all Festival long, posting reviews along the way. It’s not quite the race that stops the nation, but this chase for chuckles is one mighty amusing challenge! The Funny Tonne reviews are posted on the Festival website daily once the Festival kicks off.

The Reviewers

Funny Tonne reviews coming soon!