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Crowded & Maniacal Productions present

Commedia dell'ongblack Clutching At Straws

Clutching At Straws
Crowded & Maniacal Productions present

Commedia dell'ongblack Clutching At Straws

A series of workplace complaints results in a HR nightmare and a murder that Private Investigator, Bernard St. Bernard must solve! Three actors take on the roles of various Melbournites in a world of filter coffee, craft beer and fisherman beanies. A Melbourne comedy conspiracy case performed through a neo noir lens. 

Clutching at Straws is a farsical, Melbourne-based mystery with all the elements of a neo film noir. There's a Private Investigator, a Femme Fatale and a murder. When Levi Denym is found dead in his office at multi-billion dollar 'Plastque Free' empire, Bernard is suspicious and launches into an investigation that will require more than one whisky sour and multiple loaves of artisinal kalamata sourdough. 

Written and performed by Tess Branchflower, Adam Canny and Declan Carter, who share a love of dry wit, puns and a good Sangiovese. They also share a hatred for plastic and humans with a lack of spatial awareness.

Come and watch the mystery unfold with subtle fruity notes of Melbourne culture as we know it today. 


Please note, the following performances will be filmed: Thu 26 Mar.
Suitable for audiences 18+

This show contains: Haze, Drug references.


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