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Rosie Waterland Kid Chameleon

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Rosie Waterland Kid Chameleon

Born while her parents were on the run from drug dealers, Rosie Waterland spent her entire childhood shapeshifting and adjusting and course-correcting based on whatever scenario she found herself in. Mum’s a sex worker? Adjust. In foster care? Shape-shift. Dad collapses drunk in the middle of a busy road? Course correct, figure it out. When the world beneath your feet keeps changing, and you have no control over anything, you kind of have no choice but to keep changing with it.

Rosie has been a household name since 2014, when her hilarious recaps of The Bachelor first became essential pop culture reading. With audiences and even the show’s host, Osher Gunsberg, becoming as addicted to Rosie’s recaps as to the show itself, her irreverent humour has since been applied to topics from awkward sex to body image and mental health – on national tours, podcasts, books and a must-see Australian Story episode.

The award-winning podcaster, author, columnist, comedian and screenwriter’s first book, The Anti-Cool Girl, is a full-frontal no-holds-barred memoir about surviving the very worst that life can throw at you. On her debut nationwide tour My Life on the Couch (with Vodka), Rosie sold out theatres and enraptured audiences across the country in 2016 with that same trademark frank and funny honesty. The following year saw Rosie release her second book, Every Lie I’ve Ever Told, go out on her second national tour, and unleash her podcast 'Mum Says My Memoir is a Lie', in which Rosie and her mother discussed their differing perspectives on the events of her first book. The frank, emotional and often hilarious podcast has been downloaded more than 5 million times, and won the ACRA Award for Best Original Podcast.

Rosie has expanded her recapping to take on anything and everything with her newest podcasting project, 'Just the Gist'. The anticipation for another work from the remarkable Rosie saw the podcast rise to number one on the charts before the first episode had even dropped.

Being a Kid Chameleon is how Rosie survived then, and laughing about it is how she survives now. Book early for what is sure to be another sell-out tour from one of Australia’s most prolific, honest and endearingly funny talents – Rosie Waterland, Kid Chameleon.

'★★★★★ Magnificent comedic story spinning ability' The Advertiser 

'★★★★ An engaging, candid, and hilarious storyteller' Fest Mag

'Waterland is bloody funny. Articulate and laser sharp, a natural comedic story-teller with one hell of a story to tell' MindShare

'A deft and comedic touch… quirky, sarcastic and fun.' The Creative Issue

'Constant laughter, squirming and a rush of emotion as she takes audiences on an emotional rollercoaster.' City Hub

'Utterly poignant and touching... Rosie is undoubtedly a great storyteller.' Scenestr

'Jokes, a solid message, a well written performance... telling stories the way she does best – with jokes, attitude and sarcasm – all while sitting back, sipping champagne.' City Hub

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