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Michael Tucker Turning 40

Turning 40

Michael Tucker Turning 40

Michael is a Scottish accountant living in Melbourne and he is Turning 40.  He used to have thick, lustrous ginger hair and party all the time.  Now he's going bald and just bought a garment steamer.  In his debut solo show Michael explores getting older, everyday life and what, exactly, is under his kilt!

Just in case you were wondering - I did these things:

2015 Raw Comedy Prelim Finalist

2018 P&O Gong Show Runner Up

2019 P&O Gong Show Winner

It's mostly the accent, but impressive nonetheless.

Are you still reading?  Sweet!  Well, erm, hi, how are you?  I love making people laugh and I would do anything for love*

I grew up in a small town in Scotland and in 2006 they tried to outlaw dancing.  That’s when I came to Australia to find myself but all I found was an extra chin and sun burn.  I now drink beer from a shoe and go to the supermarket in my pyjamas – Straya mate!

As mentioned above, I am an accountant, and it's killing me!  Please come to my show otherwise all I have is casual Friday and my new calculator.

I was going to fill this space with some accounting puns but realised that would be gross.  I want to give you more credit than that.  My show is funny, though there is a margin for error.  Rest assured it is full of self-depreciation and just the right balance of wit and intellect.

Are you still here? It’s over - go home!!!  But book tickets first please.

* but I won't do that!

Strictly for audiences 18+

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