Melbourne International Comedy Festival acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands upon which we work and live. We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' spirit, imagination and rich history of storytelling and humour that is an inspiration to all Australians.




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Festival Info Booth - opening hours

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival's info booth is located outside Melbourne Town Hall on Swanston Street.

Day Date Opening time Closing Time
Thursday 25 March 5.30pm 10pm
Friday 26 March 5.30pm 11pm
Saturday 27 March 3.45pm 11pm
Sunday 28 March 4.30pm 9pm
Monday 29 March 5.45pm 8.45pm
Tuesday 30 March 5.30pm 10pm
Wednesday 31 March 5.30pm 10pm
Thursday 1 April 5.30pm 10pm
Friday 2 April 5.30pm 11pm
Saturday 3 April 11am 11pm
Sunday 4 April 11am 9pm
Monday 5 April 5.45pm 8.45pm
Tuesday 6 April 11am 10pm
Wednesday 7 April 11am 10pm
Thursday 8 April 11am 10pm
Friday 9 April 11am 11pm
Saturday 10 April 11am 11pm
Sunday 11 April 11am 9pm
Monday 12 April 6pm 9.15pm
Tuesday 13 April 11am 10pm
Wednesday 14 April 11am 10pm

15 April

11am 10pm
Friday 16 April 11am 11pm
Saturday 17 April 11am 11pm
Sunday 18  April 11am 9pm