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Alex Keen & Tess Birch Smart Casual

Enter Closer

Alex Keen & Tess Birch Smart Casual

Alex Keen and Tess Birch are two of Melbourne's funniest ageing Millennials, who definitely used the pandemic as an opportunity to Get. It. Together! (ie. move back in with their parents). 

After meeting just once at an open mic in Collingwood, they decided to do a show together, debunking the myth that people who spend their weeknights in bars trying out jokes on strangers have commitment issues.

The girl from Brighton, the guy from Bundaberg, Tess and Alex have some differing perspectives on the world. Lately however, they've bonded over the eternal question that everyone in their late 20s/early 30s ponders, should I save the world? Save for a house? Or save money on therapy and do a comedy show?

As their corporate jobs and Saturday mornings spent at farmers' markets indicate that they are heading towards the house option, they're hoping that taking all their soft plastics back to the supermarket, and the fact that they've watched most of the recent David Attenborough doco, will cancel out their carbon emissions for now. 

Following their sold out show at the Adelaide Fringe (and would-have-been sell out show at 2020 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, vale!) Alex and Tess are back to share their trials and tribulations of climbing the corporate and social ladders of your 20s and 30s, while trying to keep it real – because let's be honest, there's nothing cooler than basic people trying to be edgy. 

When they're not caught up in the corporate rat race, you can catch Alex and Tess on stage at comedy rooms all around Melbourne, hosting YouShouldDate.ppt or performing with the Regional Funnies.

Please note, the following performances will be filmed: Fri 9 Apr.
Suitable for audiences 18+

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