Melbourne International Comedy Festival acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands upon which we work and live. We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' spirit, imagination and rich history of storytelling and humour that is an inspiration to all Australians.

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Jeremy Dooley & Lisa Gatenby 3rd Life Crisis


Jeremy Dooley & Lisa Gatenby 3rd Life Crisis

Some people make questionable life decisions, Lisa and Jeremy just make none. 

Their 20s were fun, their 30s are hard. All their friends have families, houses and careers. 

While Lisa struggles to keep her plants alive, the most adult thing Jeremy has is a cupboard full of plastic bags.. 

Their mates have grown up, does that mean Lisa and Jeremy have to? 

That's the crisis, the 3rd Life Crisis.

Lisa’s mum wants her to have a kid,

Jeremy’s mum wants him to have a job. 

Lisa’s brother tries to set her up with his friends,

Jeremy’s sister wants him to stop dating hers. 

Lisa should start changing nappies, 

Jeremy should stop sh*tting himself. 

You get it... 

This is their 3rd Life Crisis

(Can't wait for their mid life...)

Lisa Gatenby
As a comedian, children's storyteller and toy expert, Lisa is here for all the fun stuff! Call her Peter Pan, 'cos she ain’t growing up anytime soon, and she likes tights. 

She has performed across Australia, as well as in the US and Canada.

Watch out for her witty word play, it’ll get ya!

'She was almost really funny!' Audience member

'She reminded me of Kitty Flanagan... in looks.' Different audience member

Jeremy Dooley
In 2002 Jeremy was part of a comedy duo that won the Class Clowns award.
In 2003 that same duo did a full season at Melbourne International Comedy Festival at 17 years of age. 

Then they stopped. 

In 2021, there was a global pandemic (you might have heard about it) and Jeremy decided it was probably a good time to become a stand-up comedian – his timing has always been impeccable.

Jeremy has been called everything from “The future of Australian comedy” from a newspaper he can’t remember, to “a talented young whipper snapper” by a drunk bloke at a gig.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Please note, the following performances will be filmed: Tue 19 Apr, Wed 20 Apr, Thu 21 Apr, Fri 22 Apr, Sat 23 Apr & Sun 24 Apr.
Suitable for audiences 16+

This show contains: Mild language.


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