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Nothing Says Melbourne Like Comedy And Footy

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival has teamed up with the AFL to bring together some of the countries favourite comedians with Australia's most loved football teams. Over the 2017 AFL season, we'll be featuring the team up of comedy and football with a series of videos that combines some of our favourite things in life - comedy and sport. 

Carlton Football Club and Tegan Higginbotham

Check Dylan and Daniel chatting to the hilarious Tegan Higginbotham about all things round 1, with a special guest appearance from Bolts. Less than a week to go… Have you got your tickets yet?? Tegan is appearing as part of Watson - check it out!

Sydney Swans and Cam Knight

The hilarious Cam Knight drops by the SGC to get in on the round one action and to ruffle some feathers. Less than a week to go… Have you got your tickets yet?? Cam is appearing at the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with his solo show 'Momentous' - check it out!


North Melbourne and Josh Earl

Amongst Festival prep - Josh Earl caught up with North Melbourne Football Club to have a chat, and some laughs. Josh will be appearing at the Festival as part of his show 'Josh Earl's Festival' - check it out! 

Brisbane Lions and Damien Power

The Brisbane powerhouses team up as Damien Power chat with the Brisbane Lions in the lead up to round one! Damien kicks off his run at the Festival next week with his show 'Utopia: Now in 3D' - check him out!

Gold Coast Suns and Joel Creasey

Joel Creasey searches for a old friend/has mad chats with the Suns as they both gear up for their seasons! Joel will be joining us again at the Festival with his solo show 'Poser' - check him out!

GWS Giants and Jennifer Wong

How does the hilarious Jennifer Wong measure up agains the GWS Giants? Jennifer is bringing her solo show 'How To English Harder' to the Festival - check her out!

St. Kilda and Cal Wilson

Comedian or St. Kilda groupie? You decide. Cal Wilson tries (and fails) to contain her excitement as she meets the St. Kilda team in the lead up to round 1. Cal will be joining us again at the Festival for another year with her solo show 'Things I've Never Said' - check her out! 

Western Bulldogs and Wil Anderson

Before he stepped up to MC The Gala, Wil Anderson found some time to head on down to chat with the Western Bulldogs. Is two years in a row possible? Catch Wil at the Festival in his solo show 'Critically Wil' - check him out!

Melbourne FC and Jimeoin

Whilst gearing up for his Festival season, Jimeoin tries his hand at reception at Melbourne Football Club. Catch Jimeoin with his solo show 'Renonsence Man' - check him out!

Essendon Football Club and Anne Edmonds

Eddo is just one of many who will don the sash this weekend as Essendon Football Club fires off into round one. She caught up with the team to make sure their pre-season rituals are on track. Catch Anne Edmonds with her solo show 'No Offence None Taken' at this year's Festival - check her out!

Lehmo & Dilruk Jayasinha and Hawthorn Football Club

Lemo and Dilruk team up on Hawthorn head of round one to put the team under the third degree. Both Lehmo and Dilruk will be joining us at the Comedy Festival this year with their own shows - catch Dilruk in his solo show 'The Art of Dil' and Lehmo in his 'The Family Life'

Kevin Kropinyeri and Richmond Football Club

Kevin Kropinyeri caught up with the Richmond FC to chat about the Dreamtime at the 'G clash between Richmond and Essendon.