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It's time for Edinburgh Fringe! Check out the Aussies performing

August is upon us, and that means Edinburgh Festival Fringe! This year a bumper group of wonderful Australian comedians have made the trek to Scotland, including Barry Award winner Hannah Gadsby, Pinder Prize recipient Damien Power, Directors' Choice winner Demi Lardner, Anne Edmonds, Nazeem Hussain, Rhys Nicholson, David Quirk and Nath Valvo, just to name a few. Plus, our awesome 2017 RAW Comedy National Grand Final winner Zack Dyer headed over to compete in 'So You Think You're Funny' - well done Zack!

Check out some of the action, including reviews, from our Aussies below. You can see the long list of Australian performing in Edinburgh here

L: Urzila Carlson and Nazeem Hussain head out for a spot of flyering             
R: Double Denim, Josh Glanc and Laura Davis get cosy


L: Paul McDermott and Jimeoin help 'Puppetry of the Penis' creator Simon Morley with some promo
R: 'Breakfast in Edinburgh'... at 4.30pm...

L: Michelle Brasier and Broden from Aunty Donna
R: 'The silver fox-off' - Paul McDermott vs. performer Mikelangelo  

Damien Power standing around casually, near his poster.

REVIEWS (the Aussies are killin' it!) 
Hannah Gadsby - 5 stars - The Times
Alice Fraser - 5 stars - Edinburgh Guide
Nath Valvo - 5 stars - BroadwayBaby + 4 stars - The Scotsman 
Aunty Donna - 5 stars - BroadwayBaby
Tom Ballard - 5 stars - One4Review, The Wee Review + 4 stars - Ed Fest Mag, BroadwayBaby
Doug Anthony All Stars - 4 stars - Chortle     
Double Denim - 4 stars - Chortle
Nazeem Hussain - 4 stars - The Skinny
Josh Glanc - 4 stars - Ed Fest Mag
Steen Raskopoulos - 4 stars - The List
Demi Lardner - 4 stars - Chortle
Tom Ballard - 4 stars - Ed Fest Mag
Damien Power - 4 stars - The List
David Quirk - 4 stars - The Scotsman
Nick Cody - 4 stars - The List
Rhys Nicholson - 4 stars - BroadwayBaby
Steen Raskopoulos - 4 stars - The New European
Tom Walker - 4 stars - Ed Fest Mag, The List