Comedy Bites Line-up Announced

One of the best Festival teasers we have to offer, Comedy Bites is the first-taste of the Festival, with a superb selection of artists performing bite-sized chunks of the comedy to come. 

Presented by ABC Radio Melbourne and hosted by Lindy Burns and Sami Shah, this Festival-eve, two-hour evening radio broadcast will feature comedy canapés from the funniest local and international acts appearing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. We are absolutely chuffed to have a long list of top quality artists that will be streaming across the ABC Radio Melbourne airwaves Tuesday night! The full line-up:

Andy Zaltzman, Ahir Shah, Ryan Hamilton, Douglas Lim, Neeti Palta, Cal Wilson, Josh Earl, Jess Perkins, Dave O'Neil, Monica Dullard, Sam Taunton, Tom Cashman, Sammy J, Claire Hooper, Damian Callinan & Paul Calleja, Mae Martin, Gillian Cosgriff, Jeff Green, Tom Ballard, Michael Shafar and Stephen K Amos!

To catch all the action, tune in to ABC Radio Melbourne from 7pm Tuesday 28 March!