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Andy Askins The Man with No Name (United Kingdom)

The Man with No Name

Andy Askins The Man with No Name (UK)

Andy Askins lives life in blissful ignorance and at odds with rational thinking. Winner of the Nobel Pizza Prize, Abu Hamza’s former right hand man, Angelina Jolie's foot double and a former solphin jockey at Sea World, Andy is a ladder-shaking, runner-tripping, social hand grenade who is frequently in headlocks and constantly opening doors. Walter Raleigh or Walter Mitty?  Either way, he’s more dysfunctional than a honey badger on acid!

Exactly who is The Man with No Name?  He was born in Middlesbrough into family that was more broken than a packet of digestive biscuits from Poundland. His siblings were a mixed bunch and featured a junior Mensa member, a teenage socialist, a candidate for Archbishop, a local fashion icon and a vandal. Andy won’t say which one he was. He waved farewell to Middlesbrough as a young man. He didn’t jump, he was pushed. He was that pissed off he looked for the furthest place on the map from where he was standing. A week later, and with his last will and testament in place, he was in lowly but gainful employment on the Isle of Wight as a kitchen porter. It wasn’t glamorous, but he figured if it was good enough for George Orwell it was good enough for him. He has never looked back. He met his wife a few years later and, after globetrotting throughout their 20s, they settled back on “their” Island to raise their 2.2 children (their third child is tiny). 

Fast forward to 2020 and join Andy in his eagerly anticipated Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut. He may have arrived relatively late in life to comedy, and Australia, but he’s been making waves since he first dipped his toe into the comedy circuit 15 years ago. With his wickedly dry style, impeccable timing and killer material, he has built a reputation as a distinctive and original talent and is now a sought after headliner, not to mention highly revered amongst his peers. He’s worked all across the globe, is a regular at the prestigious Altitude Comedy Festival and a firm favourite of the Armed Forces. He’s performed in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Falkland Islands (including tours to soldiers operating on the frontline), and is one of a very select group to be awarded an Afghanistan campaign medal for his contributions. In 2016 he performed alongside a stellar comedy line-up at the Royal Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust. On TV, you may have seen him (twice) on The John Bishop Show (BBC1) – he was the only artist to perform on the series and be invited back for the Christmas Special. He has also performed storming sets on Live at The Comedy Store and The World Stands Up (Comedy Central).

Join this international man of mystery on a whirlwind, worldwide journey which begins with just one thumb. How exactly did a six-year-old with suspect eyesight and a proven Viking lineage end up in command of a potato rumbler? Where did this latter day Don Quixote find his Dulcinea? How did he handle a hit and run incident, and can an attack dog become his best friend? Join this master of understatement and self-deprecation for quality deadpan humour, fantastical storytelling and the faint possibility of some absurd musical songs. The Man with No Name needs no introduction! 

Voted Comedian’s Comedian Best UK Stand-up 2018.

'Totally hilarious.' Ross Noble

'One of my all-time favourites.' Jason Manford

'Brilliant and unique.' John Bishop

'Hugely entertaining.' The Times (UK)

'Although he looks mild-mannered and studious, he actually packs a wry, cheeky wit. There is, most definitely, something warmly alluring about him.' Chortle (UK)

'Dark humour with faultless timing.' The Stage (UK)

Suitable for audiences 18+

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