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JOLT Arts, 3PBS FM & Beat Magazine present

James Hullick Le Scatterman

Le Scatterman
Le Scatterman Speaks With the People
Le Scatterman Avoids Answering the Phone
Le Scatterman Gets Entangled in his Piano
Le Scatterman Enjoys the Sound of his Own Voice
Le Scatterman Gets Fun-key
Le Scatterman Should Be Picking Up the Kids
JOLT Arts, 3PBS FM & Beat Magazine present

James Hullick Le Scatterman

Embrace your inner crap dad.

A recently divorced dad sound artist gorges on new lows in parenting, human engagement and generally being crap.

Part solo concert (prepared piano/guitar/voice/synthesizers), part commedia dell’arte, Le Scatterman features unruly flashes of stand-up comedy, and a twist of performance art, delivered by Australia’s recalcitrant sound artist James Hullick.


Scatterman fails to pick up the kids and leaves them and their mother hanging. While they wait, Scatterman entertains the audience with various numbers before ‘working from home’. When working from home Scatterman learns that his ex might have moved on — without him.


While Scatterman is the only ‘live’ performer in the work several characters appear on video and in audio:

Scatterman — James Hullick

Freya, mother — Charlotte Bolcskey
Hnoss, daughter — Scarlet Bolcskey-Hullick
Gersemi, daughter — Astrid Bolcskey-Hullick


A shorter 30min version of the work premiered in 2016 at the State Theatre of Western Australia presented by Western Australia’s trailblazing Tura New Music.

Presented in 2020 by JOLT Arts at the Southbank Theatre’s Lawler Theatre, this will be Le Scatterman’s full-length premiere, and debut at Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Production Credits
Director, Composer, Text, Video — James Hullick
Producer — Charlotte Bolcskey
Sound Engineer — Michael Hewes
Lighting Engineer — Browyn Pringle


James Hullick

James Hullick is a composer, community arts worker, sound artist and director who exists at the forefront of international sonic arts creation and presentation. James’ work is characterised by an unusual ability to use sound to engage in social issues. Innovative sonic terrains that James works through include: recursive compositional techniques, perceptual music making, real time scores, sound making machines and community arts projects. James founded JOLT (2009) and has artistically directed many projects since that time including six international sonic festivals in Asia and Europe.

James’ creations are concerned with questions of our collective social life drawn from his work with community artists. Since 2006, he has worked with The Amplified Elephants — an ensemble for artists with intellectual disabilities.

James was awarded an Australia Council Fellowship (2015), and the Michael Kieran Harvey Piano Scholarship (2015-16).

Charlotte Bolcskey

Charlotte is a creative producer working with JOLT Arts, a production house for cutting-edge sonic projects, international touring, high-calibre sonic performances, workshops and recordings through the combination of sound artists and musicians of varying abilities.

Charlotte appears from time-to-time in works by her husband James Hullick, usually in the form of audio-recorded voice, but sometimes also in video.

Through her producing work with JOLT Arts Charlotte supports artists such as The Amplified Elephants, BOLT Ensemble, Noise Scavengers and various local/international sonic acts. With a passion for sonic art, experimental sound art and community art, Charlotte sat on the JOLT board before joining as a producer.

Scarlet & Astrid Bolcskey-Hullick

Astrid (11) and Scarlet (8) are daughters to Charlotte Bolcskey and James Hullick. Astrid debuted as ‘All Mother’ in the Duckworth Hullick Duo’s Disruptive Critters (2017) – a project which saw Astrid theatrically move on stage and sing scores by Hullick. Astrid then took on the vocal role of Shells in JOLT’s Fission Fusion Whale chamber opera at the Melbourne Recital Centre, 2018. Scarlet will debut alongside her sister in Strange Is The New Normal (as part of the video art content) and Ambuscade in 2020 on stage as a vocalist.

About JOLT Arts

JOLT Arts is a Melbourne-based sonic organisation that promotes, adores and supports cutting-edge sonic creators and provides access for these artists they love and admire to socially relevant high impact presentation outcomes and workshops.

Their programs support sound makers throughout the lifecycle of a career: young artists; emerging artists; and established artists. Some projects are created in-house, some projects are created by invited and collaborating artists. Each tier of their work incorporates mentoring.

Access and the moral compass of ‘right motivation’ underpin the programs, which include an artistic program, a well attended arts and access workshop and production program, alongside and often blended with, other professional outcomes featuring emerging and established artists and which pivot around a season of major productions annually.

The company actively seeks to remove many of the restrictive sonic barriers that artists and audiences are often faced with. Their open-minded and actively positive attitude is supported by their own definition of what they believe sound art to be – any creative act that prioritises sound.

JOLT & Hullick Reviews

Strange James  (Hullick performing with the SSO)

‘His face painted in garish colours and head dusted with glitter – wringing thunderous sound from his electric guitar, channelling Bowie and Hendrix. An exploration of the tensions between artistic practice and family life, WERE/OBLIVION set Hullick’s text – a letter addressed to his daughters, sung by the composer in guttural, sometimes screaming tones in a powerful, heartfelt performance of fractured sound and fury.’ Limelight Magazine

The Book of Daughters (A mini festival)

‘The Book of Daughters presented an astonishing variety of works and performers that continued Jolt Arts’ work "to remove many of the restrictive sonic barriers that artists and audiences are often faced with," elevating and expanding accepted notions of what constitutes music, art and sonic expression, and who is allowed to perform them. And it was an invigorating, smashing success.’ Limelight Magazine

Bruchlandung (chamber opera)

‘Bruchlandung stands out. It is shocking, arduous and exhilarating – the combination of which left audience members in their seats well after the show’s end.’ Broadway Baby (UK)


Suitable for audiences 18+

This show contains: Haze.


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