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He Huang, Maren Whittaker & Olga Loitsenko Of Outsiders and Misfits


He Huang, Maren Whittaker & Olga Loitsenko Of Outsiders and Misfits

Have you ever wondered what China, Germany and Estonia have in common? It's these three women and their love for stand-up comedy. 

Join He Huang, Maren Whittaker and Olga Loitsenko for a night teeming with juicy dating stories, cross-cultural embarrassment and the perfect mix of sweet and sassy.

He grew up in a secluded town in the southwest region of China. She went to the US for a Master’s degree and returned to China six years later with a passion for stand-up comedy instead. Blessed by her traditional southern Chinese upbringing and endless existential crisis, she gets to explore different cultures and integrate them into her edgy, anecdotal, sometimes raunchy jokes.

Maren is a German accountant. In her free time Maren likes pausing for others to laugh at the simple thought of a German having a sense of humour. If anyone dares to ask her questions about fairly basic Excel formulas, she will make sure to change the topic to that one club in Berlin that is better than Berghain. 

Olga is from Estonia. Don’t worry if you got confused for a second, nobody knows where exactly Estonia is. We won’t make you point it out on a map, well... maybe we will. 

Olga has a background in linguistics (four years studying for a PhD that was never finished), tourism and vigorous karaoke singing. With a TEDx talk under her belt, she has now devoted herself to doing stand-up to impress that one Aussie person who will offer her a partnership visa. At least that way she can lie to her mother to avoid getting into another discussion on "how good dating is" and how it is "totally worth it" and how a "pandemic is not a good enough excuse to give up on dating". 

Hold on to your seats.. (that’s an idiom, did you know that? Olga taught us this) and join these three to find out who is an actual sweetheart, who brings more sass than you would expect and who is genuinely still afraid of eye contact. 

Suitable for audiences 16+

This show contains: Strong sexual references.


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