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Take 3 Productions

Take 3 Comedy

Take 3 Productions

Take 3 Comedy

Digital Nomad. Slacker Grandma. Bush Reject.

Annie Boyle, Krutika Harale and Kelly Mac are three comedians who span the generations: Young, Still Young and Old As F*%k.

Krutika, Kel and Annie present their takes on 21st century life. Boomer parents who refuse to die. Leaving a life of luxury in Mumbai for the squalor of Sydney. Dating in a town where the most common question is “Are you my cousin?”. And why your husband can never, ever, be your best friend.

A graduate of Improv Theatre Sydney and the School of Hard Knock Knocks, Mumbai-born Krutika Harale (33) came to Oz to explore the First World and ended up learning how to wash her own clothes. She was last seen stalking the Sydney comedy scene amidst cries of “Where are the servants?”

NIDA alumnus Annie Boyle (26) is the laconic bush-brat who left Henty (population: 1,237) with hope in her heart, which a job in commercial TV has as yet failed to extinguish. Her act, Clitorosity Show: The 2nd Cumming, appeared at the 2019 Sydney and 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. Annie is the powerhouse behind Boyling House, an independent production company that creates and produces original work.

Kelly Mac (51) is post-menopausal and, after 30 years of marriage, not single but willing to learn. A refugee from the law, Kel took the well-worn path to commercial radio and won the 2014 ACRA for Best On-air Team (Country) in her first year. Her parenting advice can be distilled down to “devon and white bread produce winners” and “never join the P & C”.

'All three comics deliver sharp material and allow a fun night out where the only guarantee is laughing out loud. ★★★' Theatre Now

'Sometimes risqué but always engaging and entertaining original comedy. ★★★★' NOTA

'Annie is one to watch.'  ScotsGay (UK)

'Annie Boyle delights with her deadpan delivery of small-town woes... Boyle is incredibly natural in her comic timing and I'm sure we have much more to see from this talent.'  Theatre Now

'Annie’s clever use of pauses and one-liners... had the audience chuckling along nicely.'  NOTA

'Kelly had us in stitches with her pitch perfect delivery and unique material. I can't wait to see her perform again!'  Bec Melrose, Winner RAW Comedy 2018

'Kel’s dry style of wit and her willingness to poke fun at everything, including marriage and body parts that aren’t normally discussed, had the audience captivated,' NOTA

'Deft in her stand up, Kelly Mac gives a grounded and confident delivery.' Theatre Now

'Utterly fearless, Krutika is a comedy legend in the making.' Lauren Hayward, Laugh Masters Academy

'Krutika’s energy crackles through her routine as she describes the contrasts between her privileged upbringing and her current life of travel and comedy.'  NOTA

'Krutika Harale is fearless... familiar and light-hearted.'  Theatre Now 

Take 3 Adelaide Fringe 2021 - The Advertiser
Strictly for audiences 18+

This show contains: Strong sexual references, Drug references, Strong references to self-harm and suicide.


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