Follow the funny! 2018 interstate tours


Nominee: Barry Award 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival 

Unhook your mindbras. David O'Doherty is coming back to Australia with a brand-new show made up of talking and songs played on a crappy keyboard from 1986. That is, if the demo tune doesn't go off on the keyboard as his suitcase is being unloaded from the plane like last time, and the Australian border police almost carry out a controlled explosion on it.

MELBOURNE | 29 March - 22 April, Forum Theatre | Tickets here.
PERTH | Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018 | Tickets here.
SYDNEY | 25 April & 3 May 2018 | Tickets here.
BRISBANE | Thursday, 26 Apr 2018 | Tickets here.
ADELAIDE Wednesday, 2 May 2018 | Tickets here.
WELLINGTON | 27 April - 28 April 2018 | Tickets here.
AUCKLAND | Sunday, 29 April 2018 | Tickets here.


Winner: Barry Award 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival 
Winner: Perrier Award Edinburgh Fringe

Everyone’s favourite sardonic straight shooter, Rich Hall, returns! After a sell-out tour in 2016 the cranky yank is back, bringing more of his trademark wit and caustic conversation.

ADELAIDE | 12-18 March, Garden of Unearthly Delights | Tickets here.
CANBERRA | 19 March, The Street Theatre | Tickets here.
BRISBANE | 22 March, Brisbane Powerhouse | Tickets here.
SYDNEY | 23 & 24 March, Comedy Store | Tickets here.
MELBOURNE | 29 March - 8 April, Melbourne Town Hall | Tickets here.


He's presented one of the most-viewed TED Talks of all time, smashed his appearance on Conan and was a hit of Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017, former Apple Store Genius and mischievous comedian UK James Veitch is back for level two with a multi city Australian 2018 tour! 

ADELAIDE | 'Dot Con' | 6-18 March (no show 14 March), Garden of Unearthly Delights | Tickets here.
MELBOURNE | 'Game Face' | 29 March - 22 April, Melbourne Town Hall | Tickets here.
SYDNEY | 'Dot Con' | 23 & 24 April, Giant Dwarf | Tickets here.


With his debut scoring a Barry nomination and a killer return season in 2016, US star Kyle Kinane is back with more master strokes of conversational comedy. Intelligent and cutting without a hint of ego, Kyle is curious, visceral and charming.  A truly gifted comedian not to be missed!

MELBOURNE |  16 - 22 April, Melbourne Town Hall | Tickets here.
SYDNEY | 24 & 25 April, The Comedy Store | Tickets here.
BRISBANE | Thursday 26 April, Powerhouse Theatre | Tickets here


The only performer to win Edinburgh Comedy Awards for both Best Newcomer and Best Comedy Show, John Kearns is a unique, unmissable performer. Taking stand-up to places few dare to tread, he balances simplicity and silliness. It won’t be an hour of conventional comedy, but definitely an hour you won’t regret or forget.

MELBOURNE |  29 March - 22 April, Melbourne Town Hall | Tickets here.
SYDNEY | Tuesday 24 April, Giant Dwarf | Tickets here.


A comedian from the ‘drunken voodoo pirate city’ of New Orleans, Sean Patton expertly blends rapid-fire comedy and compelling storytelling. An undeniably excellent comic force on stage and on screen, Sean has also triumphed in acting roles in Maron and Inside Amy Schumer.

SYDNEY | Wed 25 Apr, 7pm, The Comedy Store | Tickets here.


What do you do when you come from a small country that has made international punchlines, not headlines? Well, you laugh along! This is what Douglas Lim has done for most of his career, addressing issues with honest and candid humour. If you missed him in 2017 don’t miss this second chance to catch Douglas in the return season of This Is Nice!

CANBERRA | Thursday 22 March, The Civic Pub | Tickets here.
MELBOURNE | Thu 29 Mar - Sun 15 Apr, Chinese Museum | Tickets here.



After selling her first three Edinburgh Fringe runs out on word-of-mouth alone, whip-smart Scottish stand-up Fern Brady makes her NZ debut. Bold, brash and sometimes brutal, Fern uses her unique world view to dissect politics and relationships with passionate honesty.

AUCKLAND | Friday 27 & Saturday 28 April, Basement Theatre | Tickets here.