Melbourne International Comedy Festival acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands upon which we work and live. We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' spirit, imagination and rich history of storytelling and humour that is an inspiration to all Australians.

We accept the invitation to walk together with First Nations people towards a more positive future for Australia, as described in the Uluru Statement From The Heart.

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The Harry Morrissey Official and Ruby Teys

Ghiathora & Mahalijah An Immersive Spiritual Awakening Experience

The Harry Morrissey Official and Ruby Teys

Ghiathora & Mahalijah An Immersive Spiritual Awakening Experience

Physical comedians The Harry Morrissey Official and Ruby Teys present Marharlija & Ghiathora - An immersive spiritual awakening immersive experience

Constantly craving sugar? Unlucky in love? Jealous of your successful best friend? Broke? Fugly? Always disappointing your dad? Is it time you weren't so lazy?

Escape the rat race of the modern world with the warm helping hands of two celestial beings who hold all the secrets to unlock your new amazing life.

Ghiathora is one of Australia’s most prolific healers hailing from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. A practicing clairvoyant, phys-kick and spiritual healer with over 40 years' experience (in this lifetime).

Marharlija Taramasalattaa (West Hollywood, Los Angeles) is an up-and-cuming cunnilingus yoga master and root chukra reconstructor. Marharlija is the youngest ever to receive a black belt in spiritual awakening and third-eye fitness at just 17 years old. 

On a 60-day waterfall cleanse ten minutes outside of Kuta, Ghiathora locked eyes with Marharlija. Marharlija was undergoing her 42nd rear algae absorption challenge, where she had to straddle-split on a river rock consuming only the rainforest algae absorbed through her undercarriage, for the whole 60 days. 

This is where their joint journey into enlightenment (through teaching the less conscious) began.

Together they have carefully deconstructed a 55-minute mind, body and wind immersive session, showcasing exercises such as guided mindless meditation, amaurotic visualisations, root chukra expurgating and spirit guide summoning. Honouring celestial wisdoms passed down from Sensei to students over thousands of years. 

Ghiathora is taking time out from promoting her upcoming bestselling selling book 5 signs you may no longer be Alive to gift you an exclusive healing experience. Witness Ghiathora in all her glory as she showcases ancient healing techniques with assistance from Marhalija Taramasalattaa (who will be recording the audiobook available now on Audible.)

The class includes yoga mats, candles, incense and rack-iee (either up the nose or blown right up your back chamber) to help you finally reach a higher state of vibrational being.


“After my third divorce in just under 14 years, I decided it was time to face my adrenal blockages and scoliosis if I wanted to finally find my one and only twin flame. I can’t thank Ghiathora and Mahalijha enough for their patience and guidance as I stepped into my truth. I may have lost a couple of teeth, but it was all worth it when Terry, my twin flame who just happened to be a Tamworth truck driver, drove straight through my heart. Terry, if you’re reading this please come back!” Kelly Mae, Cumnock NSW.   

“I was really skeptical of all this shit until my miso ran off with my best mate back in 2021. After doing Ghiathora and Mahalijha’s spiritual session and summoning my spirit guide, I realised that I was actually a dog. No wonder she left.” Jake, Cronulla NSW.

“After losing my beloved guinea pigs sparkles and bulles to hyperthermia in July 2019. I needed to find a way to contact them to apologise. After the spiritual session, we found out it was the leftover pad thai.” Sarah, Bowral NSW.

“Turns out, I am a lesbian.” Brian, Dandenong VIC

Suitable for audiences 18+

This show contains: Drug references, Occasional coarse language, Nudity, Strong sexual references.


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