Melbourne International Comedy Festival acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands upon which we work and live. We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' spirit, imagination and rich history of storytelling and humour that is an inspiration to all Australians.

We accept the invitation to walk together with First Nations people towards a more positive future for Australia, as described in the Uluru Statement From The Heart.

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Dylan Murphy & Molly Daniels Are Dead

Dylan Murphy & Molly Daniels Are Dead

Dylan and Molly are your classic bestie duo: one’s the hot one, the other one’s the other hot one. When you’re as cute as they are, you never have a bad day… unless you freakin’ die!

Now dead and purgatearin’ it up, the duo are thrilled to learn that they both got into heaven. But get ready to piss tears, because the powers that be have decided they’re going to be in totally separate wings of the afterlife and will never see each other again. This is unacceptable for these extremely co-dependent buddies, who go on the adventure of a deathtime in a quest to spend eternity the way it was meant to spent – the two of them telling late-nights secrets in that big bunkbed in the sky.

Molly Daniels has dazzled in comedies such as Ronny Chieng: International Student, Back in Very Small Business, and You’re Skitting Me. Dylan Murphy has rocked the house in comedy series including Upper Middle Bogan and The Inbestigators. Together they created and co-star in the popular Instagram series Party of the Century and Funeral of the Century, plus they’re best friends of 12 years who have never fought over a boy!


Please arrive 15 minutes before show start time as getting into the venue can take a few minutes.

Are Dead  – The Funny Tonne 5.0
Are Dead  – The Funny Tonne 4.0
Suitable for audiences 15+

This show contains: Death and grief, Occasional coarse language, References to self-harm and suicide, Strong sexual references.


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