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Kru Harale and Olga Loitsenko

Comedy Roulette – Spin That Wheel! (Australia,Estonia,India)

Kru Harale and Olga Loitsenko

Comedy Roulette – Spin That Wheel! (AUS,EST,IND)

A stand-up comedy show with a spontaneous twist. Audience spins the wheel. Comedians crack improvised jokes! 

Imagine spinning a wheel with a variety of hilarious topics – from 'awkward family gatherings' to 'Self-help book titles that won't sell'. Each comedian delivers a well-crafted set, and spontaneous jokes inspired by the topics the wheel lands on.

Each night we showcase a rotating lineup of six hilarious comedians – from local comedy sensations to comics who've been on TV and radio. Comedy Roulette transforms every performance into a hilarious game of chance, adding surprise and creativity for both performers and the audience. 

Hosted by Mumbai's sweetheart Kru Harale and Estonian sensation Olga Loitsenko, get ready to dive into a world of hilarity with Comedy Roulette – where the wheel spins, the jokes fly and the laughter never stops. With guests such as He Huang, Mike Goldstein, Danielle Walker, Dane Simpson, Takashi Wakasugi, Henry Yan, Michael Shafar, Stephanie Broadbridge, Chris Ryan, Rowan Thambar and many more, this show is a must-watch at the Melbourne Comedy Festival!

Monday 8 April
Josh Glanc (Fringe World Critics Award 2023), Sonia Di Lorio (The Project), Maddy Weeks (Wait...We're Live), Ashley Fils-Aime (MTV’s Sink or Swim), Firdi Billimoria (Thank God You're Here), Noah Szto (New Work Award, Melbourne Fringe 2023)  

Tuesday 9 April
He Huang (Thank God You're Here), Nick Schuller (Comedy Zone 2022), Jordan Barr (Triple J), Kushi Venkatesh (ABC’s Behind the News), Noah Szto (New Work Award, Melbourne Fringe 2023), Henry Yan (RAW Comedy Winner 2023)

Thursday 11 April
Grace Jravis (The Feed SBS), Urvi Majumdar (ABC Fresh Blood), Rowan Thambar (The Project), Sweeney Preston (Powerpoint Comedy Showcase), Bonnie Tangey (Tonightly With Tom Ballard), Peter Josip (Comedy Untamed)

Friday 12 April
Dane Simpson (Amazing Race Australia Celebrity Edition), Mike Goldstein (The Hundred with Andy Lee on Channel 9), Sarah Maree (Triple M) Ting Lim (Fisk) Nick Schuller (Comedy Zone 2022) 

Saturday 13 April
Diana Nguyen (Just For Laughs AUS), Samuel Gebreselassie (Comedy Zone 2023), He Huang (Thank God You're Here), Nick Schuller (Comedy Zone 2022), Suraj Kolarkar (Shantaram)

Sunday 14 April
Diana Nguyen (Just For Laughs AUS), Alexandra Hudson (Winner RAW Comedy 2022), Jez Watts (Tiny Vet Podcast), Maren May (RAW Comedy State Finalist 2022), Aditya Gautam (Multicultural Comedy Productions) Ben Hunter (Comedy Zone 2023)

Monday 15 April
Michael Shafar (The Project), Christina Ryan (Just for Laughs Gala), Luka Muller (Triple J) Prue Blake (Winner RAW Comedy 2021), Steph Broadbridge (Best Newcomer Nominee 2022), Noah Szto (New Work Award, Melbourne Fringe 2023)

Tuesday 16 April
Sonia Di Lorio (The Project), William Wang (Comedy Zone 2024), Steven Bradshaw (Goff's Comedy) Ned Townsend (TAS, RAW Comedy State Finalist) Hannah Sainty (You're Weird Podcast), Aaqib Merchant (RAW Comedy Finalist 2024)

Thursday 18 April
Danielle Walker (Taskmaster, Network 10), Takashi Wakasugi (Winner Directors’ Choice Award 2023, The GALA 2024), Sarah Maree (Triple M), Mali Hawke (Pilot Comedy 2024), Nathan Chin (RAW Comedy National Finalist 2024), Bonnie Tangey (Tonightly With Tom Ballard)

Friday 19 April
Urvi Majumdar (ABC Fresh Blood), William Wang (Comedy Zone 2024), Gill Cordiner (Winner WA Comedian of the year 2023) Lauren Bok (Winner, Best Emerging Comedy 2016), Daniel Sewell (Winner, Breakthrough Comedy, New Zealand Guild Award 2021) Rohan Ganju (Fisk

'Infinitely entertaining and necessary for Melbourne happiness. Comedy Roulette ups the quality stakes with a perfectly cast, varied line-up and charming hosting. People chanting #SpinThatWheel as they skip happily home afterwards is a sure bet thing.' Chuck Moore Reviews 

'Comedy Roulette is a great opportunity to see a range of comedians, providing insight into their tradecraft and readiness to adapt to the unexpected.' Hugging Comedians

'The perfect mix of pre-prepared stand-up material and fast-paced improvisation. Take a gamble if you dare, as this is a room full of comedians to watch.' It's On The House

'Olga brought laughs with her dry wit, unique perspective and the rapport built from some banter with the audience.' Hugging Comedians

'Harale is an absolute delight to watch and a charismatic comedian that never fails to nail a joke.' Australian Arts Review

Please note, the following performances will be filmed: Tue 9 Apr, Mon 15 Apr & Thu 18 Apr.
Strictly for audiences 18+

This show contains: Audience participation, Occasional coarse language.


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