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We accept the invitation to walk together with First Nations people towards a more positive future for Australia, as described in the Uluru Statement From The Heart.

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D&D Live: Dice Paper Role and Friends

D&D Live: Dice Paper Role and Friends

Australia’s own Dungeons & Dragons superstars Dice Paper Role are back with brews, homies and homebrewed adventure!

In proof that nerds actually have friends, D&D group Dice Paper Role create a unique adventure at every show, with special guest comedians who’ll flex their fantasy muscles playing  gnomes, elves, wizards and even the occasional robot sofa. Previous guests include Mark Bonano (Aunty Donna), Scout Boxall, Jay Wymarra and Scod and Yon (Tripod). 

A DPR show wouldn’t be complete of course without the audience providing sound effects to bring to life the places and creatures populated by the players. So get your mates, adventurerers, homies, pals, friends, chums and LARP groups together and get ready to roar, squawk and cackle your way through a D&D spectacular.

Sold out 2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


What is Dungeons and Dragons?

In Dungeons and Dragons players are guided through a story by a 'Dungeon Master' who acts as a narrator/referee for an adventure full of peril and treasure. Players make moves, the success or failure of which is determined by the rolling of a 20 sided dice.

What is a Dice Paper Role?

Since 2017, Dice Paper Role has grown into a snarling, spitting, swearing behemoth of the D&D podcast scene with more than 150 episodes, thousands of downloads and sold-out live shows with special guests

Who are Dice Paper Role?

DPR are Lauren Bok, Dan Last, Ben Clements, Emil Freund, Jack Kirby Crosby and Greg Pickering. Expect weird and dark humour, an apundance of lame jokes, hijinks, antics, epic battles, nerd factor, heartfelt friendship and romance, an original score, and incredible illustrations.

'The cast shined… attending a Dice Paper Role (is) an excellent opportunity to connect with Melbourne’s vibrant D&D community. You don’t have to be a role-play “nerd” to attend a D&D show.' Farrago Magazine

'Dice Paper Role are D&D superstars, and always put on a stellar live performance.' ★★★★★ Theatre People 

Suitable for audiences 15+

This show contains: Strong coarse language, References to or simulation of violence.


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