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Bucket of Work presents

Luke Morris The Wine Science Show

Bucket of Work presents

Luke Morris The Wine Science Show

A wine science talk with jokes, answering questions such as how much wine you can drink, why you drink, how come Hungarians are dangerous with Champagne, and how horrible it was to work for Dom Perignon. Drawing on biology, neuroscience, psychology and MicrosoftPaint, this is the perfect pre-dinner, post-work, or intra-drinking show.

Hosted by Luke Morris, a wine buff (Pondalowie Vineyards, Langton’s), science student (La Trobe University, Laborastory) and comedian (Goldmines, Shamrock). This show is a combination of these backgrounds, with the additional use of live yeast, fizz, dirty stemware, asparagus and a blender.

Good for those keen to learn how wine, beer, spirits and attitude affect the body, or just for a laugh about drinks.

That was actually funny.’ – Bendigo audience member.

‘That was really interesting.’ – Melbourne audience member

‘Where are you from?’ – Nottingham (UK) audience member.



Before and after the show

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