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We accept the invitation to walk together with First Nations people towards a more positive future for Australia, as described in the Uluru Statement From The Heart.

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Meet The Cast of Comedy Zone - 2024

Back for its 24th year, Comedy Zone is ready to unleash the next-gen of comedy superstars! Gear up for stacks of laughter from Australia’s rising stars of comedy! Meet the cast below as they share their advice, dreams and rigorous routines in the preparation of Comedy Zone at Trades Hall, 28 March - 21 April. Get your Tix Here!

Frankie Rowsthorn (WA)

Embarking on stand-up comedy at the age of 16, Frankie Rowsthorn's comedic material delves into the challenges of living at home, the awkwardness of puberty, and the realities of dealing with porn addiction. Now at 21, her writing has matured alongside her as she humorously navigates the complexities of her early 20s.

Your comedy in three words?
#nofilter #random #lazyyy

How are you preparing for Comedy Zone
Trying to be as friendly as possible to everyone I meet just in case they become more successful. 

Tell us your 2024 Festival wish?
Avoiding comedian chlamydia 

Best The Amazing Race story?
I got out pretty early so probably hearing about all the celebrity hook ups and drama that happened from Emma wiggle.

Henry Yan (VIC) 

In 2023, Henry Yan emerged victorious at Melbourne Comedy Festival’s RAW Comedy national competition and is currently living his dream. His comedy delves into the quirks of everyday life and his unique perspective on the world's absurdities. Notably and in the same year, Henry showcased his talents at the Edinburgh Fringe's So You Think You Are Funny? competition. With a penchant for silliness, he adds a flavourful touch to life, choosing to spread a light-hearted and meaningless joy to the world

Your comedy in three words?
Happy, Goofy & Cheeky

How are you preparing for Comedy Zone
I have been sleeping a lot, playing video games a lot and eating a lot. Went on a hike, went to the beach, talked to Mumma. I'm doing the same things the crowd is doing to get ready for comedy zone.

Tell us your 2024 Festival wish?
Make a bunch of new friends, have heaps of fun and hopefully spread joy to unsuspecting victims.

Advice to the 2024 winner of Raw Comedy?
Firstly congratulations! You wild! I already knew you were going to win when I saw you at the place with the thing.
Hmmm and secondly, try not to put too much pressure on yourself, you already won. It takes time to cook good food and you're a good ingredient. It's important to be in the right mental state for the adventure that lies ahead!
Have fun and catch you soon 🙂

Meg Jäger (QLD)

A High School History teacher by day and a belligerent bitch by 3pm. In her short time doing comedy, Meg has become a prominent presence on the Brisbane comedy scene. Meg is one to watch, having won Good Chat’s Brat Pack Comedy Competition in 2021, opened for household names such as Mel Buttle and Randy Feltface, and was named runner-up in the RAW Comedy national competition in 2023.

Your comedy in three words?
Very brave girl 

Tell us your 2024 Festival wish?
I’ve been spending hours every day memorising the names of every Australian Prime Minister just in case someone asks. 

Would you rather: a classroom full of teenagers or a rowdy AF crowd
Teenagers. They don’t even know how to drive. 


Rapha Manajem (VIC)

Rapha engages in the sale of fidget spinners beneath the West Gate bridge every other Tuesday, firmly believing in their imminent comeback. This conviction is largely driven by the realization that he entered the market too late and urgently needs to clear his existing stock. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, his professors described him as 'informed'. Rapha wowed audiences and judges alike across the 2023 RAW Comedy competition and is sure to be one of the most talked about artists at this year’s Festival.

Your comedy in three words?
Thomas Francis Gleeson. 

How are you preparing for Comedy Zone
I drive to the Dandenong Ranges to write each morning at 4am, at some point I realised I do my best writing amongst nature. It’s not so much the rustle of the trees, or the flow of the stream, it’s more that it’s an excellent place to find leeches and if I lose enough blood, I get lightheaded and it’s only in that anaemic state of consciousness that my spirit guide, Tom Gleeson reveals himself to me - often in a straitjacket, but never in pants. Most of my work comes directly from these visions so this year my set is mainly about his wife and kids. 

Unfortunately, every other morning I realise I’ve left my notebook at home and have to turn around - and I soon find myself in grid-lock traffic, so the parts that aren’t about Tom Gleeson’s family holiday are really just a lecture on the value of an integrated transport network, but in the tone of road rage. 

Tell us your 2024 Festival wish? 
Infinite festival wishes.

What’s your fidget spinner sales pitch?
I actually can’t go into it because the intellectual property for the sales pitch is owned by the 12th Archduke of Grafton, Peregrine Cavendish - who as you know is notoriously litigious. What I can do, because you seem like a good guy, is give your credit card details to the area manager and he’ll help you sign up for our New Year’s resolution spinning out of business sale - during that conversation you’ll hear the pitch, but I wouldn’t print it because Cavendish will come for everything you have, I say this as someone who has Lyme disease from all the spiritual leech and tick journeys, you do not want this guy anywhere near your skin, in fact if I were you I’d change my name, and my religion, to the only true religion - that’s right Gleesonism - and because you seem like a good guy, if you give me your credit card details I’ll take you up to the Dandenong Ranges today. 

William Wang (VIC)

Hailing from China, William Wang immigrated to Australia seven years ago, where he discovered his comedic calling. In 2022, he debuted at the Adelaide Fringe Festival with Unrelatable Funny, a solo show that showcased his distinctive comedic style. The following year, Wang soared to success, as co-winner of RAW Comedy’s Victorina State Final and securing a spot as a national finalist, solidifying his position as a rising star in Australian comedy.

Your comedy in three words?  
Silly, dumb and insightful 

How are you preparing for Comedy Zone?
I am heading to Perth world fringe and Adelaide fringe festival in Feb, will prepare my set there, also talking to previous Zoners for advice.

Tell us your 2024 Festival wish?
To do a great job in Comedy Zone, and help to sell more tickets, also to win an award for my Perth and Adelaide Solo show!

Who is your favourite Friends character and why? 
Chandler Bing, I love his sense of humour and a great guy behind the scenes.