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Dion Dijon The 63rd Annual Australian Mustard Federation Symposium and Condiment Expo

Dion Dijon The 63rd Annual Australian Mustard Federation Symposium and Condiment Expo

Welcome, fair delegate, to the premier mustard event of the year! Australian Mustard Federation (AMF) chairman Dion Dijon wishes to extend his most cordial of invitations. Come, learn, enjoy, savour, secrete and get real tangy.

Dion Dijon has been busy educating the Tasmanian public about the virtues of the great yellow condiment for the past few years. Now he’s decided the mainland needs to learn. Join him as he shares industry secrets, exciting new innovations and many, many shades of yellow.

By the end of the symposium, delegates will have:
1. Deeper insight into mustard
2. Broader understanding of mustard
3. Contemporary perceptions of mustard
4. Improved awareness of mustard
5. Exposure to frontiers of mustard
6. Mustard

All conference goers will receive a complimentary conference gift bag full of exclusive Australian Mustard Federation goodies.
Please note: we accept no responsibility for the quality of these products or the bowel irritation they may cause.

Also featuring live entertainment including, direct from the glamorous Bundaberg RSL, the comedic stylings of the hilarious Tits Carney! This should really be quite LOL-tastic!

Previous AMF symposiums in Hobart and Launceston have left audiences wondering “what?”, “how?”, and “is there anything I can use to get rid of this unsettling feeling after bearing witness to that?”. The answer to all three questions is “mustard, of course!”

Please note: This event will use flashing lights. And lots and lots of mustard. But don't worry, you won't get any on you. (Unless you want to).

Here's what industry titans have had to say about previous symposiums:
"There was a time when I thought mustard was boring, but Sir Dion and his compatriots at the AMF have shown me the light. Praise be to the almighty yellow!" Keith Winterbottomlightly

"I didn't realise there were so many animations in Microsoft Powerpoint." Charlotte Brickfist

“Was that a show inspired by Aunty Donna / Fancy Boy / Peter Serafinowicz / Tim & Eric, or do I need to call the authorities?” Bruce Guttercums

"Needs more sauce." Redacted

The Australian Mustard Federation wishes to thank David Bakker, Mick Davies and Rob Braslin for their generous contributions.

David Bakker has been hosting and running The Clubhouse in Hobart for the past 12 years, featuring headline acts like Aunty Donna, Hannah Gadsby, Ronny Chieng, Celia Pacquola, Geraldine Hickey, Randy and Rhys Nicholson. He also co-produces the Tassie Mental Health Comedy Roadshow which tours the state annually. He was a RAW Comedy National Finalist in 2010 (but Dion was not).

Mick Davies has been a stalwart of the Tasmanian comedy scene for over 15 years. You may have seen him in Deadloch, Rosehaven or NCIS: Sydney. He's appeared in numerous shows over four Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, including MCing 5 for 5 at 5.

A proud Wakka Wakka man, Rob Braslin is a regular fixture in the vibrant Nipaluna arts scene. Rob has been producing sell-out shows in Lutruwita for over eight years through CULT Comedy. Rob currently runs and regularly hosts Dimple at Simple and Cheeky Comedy at Grinners. These are a couple of rooms where Rob and the other local comedians can get up, work out their material and take the next steps in the wonderful world of comedy.

Strictly for audiences 18+

This show contains: Occasional coarse language.


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