Melbourne International Comedy Festival acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands upon which we work and live. We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' spirit, imagination and rich history of storytelling and humour that is an inspiration to all Australians.

We accept the invitation to walk together with First Nations people towards a more positive future for Australia, as described in the Uluru Statement From The Heart.

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Josh Earl Four Burners

Josh Earl Four Burners

Josh Earl is an award-winning comedian, TV host and creator of the hugely successful and hilarious podcasts 'Don’t You Know Who I Am?' and '100% Hits Vol. Pod'.

His latest show, Four Burners, is based on the four burners theory. Imagine your life is represented by a stove top with four burners. Each burner represents a different facet of your life:





If you have them all going at 100% all the time you are bound to burn out. The theory suggests if you want to be successful you need to turn one off. If you want to be super successful you need to turn off two.

Which ones are you choosing? Or which ones are you turning off?

(Also stories about being a “Short King”, being chased by a man with a hook hand and how he got the nickname sausage boy.)

A brand-new hour of comedy from the creator of previous Melbourne Internatioinal Comedy Festival shows Josh Earl vs The Womens Weekly Childrens Birthday Cake Book, Josh Earl Talks and Modern. Contemporary.

'A consummate storyteller. Hilarious.' ★★★★ The Age

'Grounded with a friendly charm and hilariously sharp.' ★★★★ Beat Magazine

'Josh Earl has crafted a flawless show in Modern. Contemporary. It is an exploration of an awkward time in everyone’s life when you are thrown into the world and left to figure out who and what you want to be. Exploring post-high school and becoming a performer against family standards in a small town in Tasmania is entertaining just in itself. Josh has the smarts, heart, and talent to turn this into a well-written and perfectly executed show.' Lilitha

'Josh Earl Talks is a storytelling show about nostalgia and childhood that Josh has always done so well. Some people in front of me were in hysterics every time he cracked a joke about his small home town, but you don’t have to be from Burnie to have a great time. Josh has pulled out the most uproarious, mind blowing finale that I’ve seen at the festival so far. It had the audience gasping and screaming with laughter.' Squirrel Comedy

'Easily his best show yet and safe to say that this is undoubtedly one of the most efficacious shows overall at the 2019 festival – how can you tell? Well, you know it’s a success, highly entertaining and top-notch show when you don’t check your watch or even feel an hour has gone by and actually wished for more.' Tea Addicted Reviews

'Brilliant.' ★★★★★ The Music

'Hilarious.' ★★★★½  Beat Magazine

'You’ll want him to stay on stage for another hour as you realise his show is about to come to an end.' Herald Sun​​​​​​​

Suitable for audiences 15+

This show contains: Occasional coarse language.


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