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26 days of comedy content incoming...

In pre-COVID-19 times, on Wednesday 25 March we would have been opening the 2020 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

To celebrate the Festival we love – and that brings Melbourne so much joy – we will be sharing a clip each day from Festivals gone by. They will feature artists who would have been appearing at this year’s Festival and often they will relate to the particular Special Event scheduled for that date.

Head to our YouTube channel to laugh your way through hours of comedy archive gold (where you can also subscribe). Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram or just stay updated right here.

We are all in this together and we look forward to coming out the other side of this crisis. Until then, we hope to provide you with some light relief in these uncertain times…after all laughter is a great distraction and at best, a wonderful medicine.

Urzila Carlson - Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow 2019

Wednesday 25 March: Tonight we would've kicked off our Festival with a bang. The Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow would've raised the roof of The Palais, as Melbourne began to light up with laughs. So, we look back to last year's host Urzila Carlson who has come to know Australians a little too well…

Anne Edmonds - The Festival Club 2015

Thursday 26 March: You might not be able to head down to Max Watt’s tonight but we can take you back to Festival Club 2015 for some classic Anne Edmonds...

Wil Anderson - The Gala 2003

Friday 27 March: This year would've been his 24th Festival, so it feels a bit weird to not have Wil Anderson jump up on stage every night for the coming month. In 2003 Wil might’ve been missing the best part of the day, but in 2020 Melbourne's missing him!

Dulcé Sloan - Comedy Up Late 2018

Saturday 28 March: A Saturday night in with the wonderful Dulcé Sloan? Sign us up!

Die Roten Punkte - The Big Three Oh! 2016

Sunday 29 March: First Sunday of the Fest means we'd usually be prepping for some Haus Party madness with Otto & Astrid tonight. Here’s some Die Roten Punkte so we can still 'rock ze haus'!

Cassie Workman - Comedy Up Late 2019

Monday 30 March: Each Festival, Jeez Louise brings us together for a celebration of women in comedy via a panel conversation. Today would've been the Transplaining panel at The Wheeler Centre, and whilst we can't bring you the conversation, we can bring you one of the would-be panellists: Cassie Workman.