Melbourne International Comedy Festival acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands upon which we work and live. We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' spirit, imagination and rich history of storytelling and humour that is an inspiration to all Australians.

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Up Next

Proudly presented by Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Arts Centre Melbourne

A stand-up comedy night presenting Australia’s funniest young comedians.

Melbourne’s newest comedy room Up Next brings you a fresh line up every month at Arts Centre Melbourne's The Channel, featuring the best young comedians getting around!

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Upcoming events:

Up Next Comedy will be back in 2022! Check back later for event details.


Previous shows:

Saturday 10 April 2021, 4pm
Featuring (MC) Ethan Cavanagh, Ethan Gallagher, Evie Taylor-Constable, Luke DeBuhr, Patti Fawcett, Rerose Roro, Sammy Elgarhey and special guest Nikki Britton.

Saturday 14 December 2019, 6pm
Featuring (MC) Ethan Cavanagh, Nic Doring, Chris Ashcroft, Colleen Mukonorwi, Sammy Al-Badri, Rerose Roro with special guests The Travelling Sisters.

Saturday 9 November, 6pm
Featuring (MC) Ethan Cavanagh Awkward, Louis Prandolini, Vincent Meyrick, Evie Taylor-Constable and Patti Fawcett and special guests, Dane Simpson.

Saturday 12 October, 6pm
Featuring Ethan Cavanagh (MC), Bryn Inglis, Dusty Diddle, Alex Lowes, Meg Shiels-Jones, Isaac Jones and special guests Double Denim

Saturday 10 August, 6pm
Featuring Ethan Cavanagh (MC), Hannah Arbuthnott, Morgan Carter, Tyler Howie, Louis Prandolini and Rerose Roro, joined by special guest Dave Callan!
The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne

Saturday 13 July, 6pm
Featuring Ethan Cavanagh (MC), Sammy Elgarhey, Patti Fawcett, Miles Glaspole, Tom Newton and Evie Taylor-Constable and special guest Geraldine Hickey.

Saturday 1 June, 6pm
Featuring Ethan Cavanagh (MC), Hannah Arbuthnott, Luke DeBuhr, Rerose Roro and Ethan Gallagher, plus Finn, Sweeney & Dan from Engine Room Comedy and special guest Claire Hooper.

Saturday 8 December 2018, 6pm
Featuring: Ethan Cavanagh (MC), Patti Fawcett, Sammy Elgarhey, Ellie Martin, Sweeny Preston and Alana Stewart, with special guest Ivan Aristeguieta.

Saturday 10 November, 6pm
Featuring: Ethan Cavanagh (MC), Bryn Inglis, Dusty Diddle (J-Dog), Gamze Kirik, Lauren Duong and Tom Newton, with special guest Sammy J.

Saturday 13 October, 6pm
Featuring - Ethan Cavanagh (MC), Hannah DeBuhr, Jett Bond, Laura Magao, Morgan Carter and Sirak Keeghan, with special guest Cal Wilson.

Saturday 14 September, 6pm
Featuring Kirsty Webeck (MC), Tom Newton, Hannah deBuhr, Gavin Sempel, Prue Spencer, Meg Mitra with a Ivan Aristeguieta!