Melbourne International Comedy Festival acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands upon which we work and live. We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' spirit, imagination and rich history of storytelling and humour that is an inspiration to all Australians.



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Laughs to get you through lockdown

Artists are bunkering down at home and getting through lockdown the only way they know how - through jokes! We’ve compiled some lists of what is happening so you can get your daily comedy fix online and we will be adding to this page as more content becomes available.

If you're looking for a current list of comedy shows live streaming head here.


Here’s a list of comedians who are making the most of their situation and creating quality content during this COVID quarantine:


Stream Type


Nazeem Hussain Podcast Listen here
Alexi Toliopoulous & Cameron James Podcast Listen here
Alice Fraser Nightly Livestream Watch here
Aaron Chen with Various Daily YouTube Watch here
Daniel Connell Daily Videos Watch here
Bev Killick Podcast Listen here
Granny Bingo Podcast Listen here
David O'Doherty Podcast Listen here
Danny McGinlay YouTube Watch here
Nelly Thomas & Meshel Laurie Podcast Listen here
Butterboy Comedy Weekly Livestreams More info
Monkey Barrel Comedy Daily Livestreams Watch here
Reuben Kaye Weekly Livestreams Watch here
Aunty Bear and ZaZa Daily Livestreams Watch here
Betty Grumble Daily Livestreams Watch here
The Listies Watch Party Watch here
Fishlace Jones Daily Video Series Watch here
Hitman TV Daily Videos Watch here
Local Laughs Weekly Livestreams More info
Ali McGregor Livestream Watch here
Merrick Watts with Guests Zoom Call More info
Lucy Durack and Eddie Perfect Video Series More info
Game Boys Fortnightly Livestream Watch here
Melbourne International Comedy Festival Daily Videos Watch here





Local Laughs Mondays 8.30pm More info
Butterboy  Tuesdays 9am Aest (Monday 7pm EST) More info
Nowhere Comedy Club Various (Check website for dates and times) More info


We also wanted to give a shout-out to the shows that were meant to be performed live at this year's Fest but have decided to go digital instead! Check out the livestreams you can catch up on during this period below (props to Stupid Old Studios for making some of these go ahead).





Dave Warneke, Matt Stewart and Jess Perkins Do Go On Sat 11 Apr, 12pm Past Show
Josh Earl Don't You Know Who I Am? Sat 11 Apr, 4.30pm Past Show
  Don't You Know Who I Am? Sat 25 Jul, 4.30pm More info
  Don't You Know Who I Am? Sat 1 Aug, 4.30pm More info
  Welcome to Patchwork Sat 4 Apr, 4pm Past Show
Kings of Comedy Comedy for Corona Sat 18 Apr, 7pm Past Show

Annie Louey

Annie Louey's Big Break

Sun 20 Jun, 8pm More info

Cousin Tara

Wukkas Wed 24 Jun, 7pm More info


We're sad not to be able to host this lovely bunch at the Fest this year, but you can still get an earful of the podcasts that would have been cast live from the 2020 Fest. Check them out below!




Ash Williams The Ash Williams Show More Info Here
Die Paper Roll Legends More Info Here
Dave Warneke, Matt Stewart and Jess Perkins Do Go On More Info Here
  Dragon Friends More Info Here
  Dreamgun More Info Here
  How 'Bout This? More Info Here
Josh Earl Don't You Know Who I Am? More Info Here
Evelyn Mok & Nigel Ng Rice to Meet You More Info Here
  A Rational Fear More Info Here
Anne Edmonds, Ben Russell, and Greg Larsen The Grub More Info Here
Tom Ballard Like I’m a Six-Year-Old More Info Here
  Welcome to Patchwork More Info Here

Or if you're looking for past comedy clips, our YouTube channel is filled with Festival spots from over the decades. Get over and have a laugh!